10 Magnificent Bathroom Design Ideas You Wish You Had In Your House

Designing a stylish bathroom is always a challenge, especially if you have a limited space. However, there are some ideas and guidelines that will help you to make your bathroom look and feel gorgeous that you want to spend more time in it. If you think your bathroom is boring and you’re considering remodeling it then this list of design ideas will inspire you. Just remember the first rule to have a perfect bathroom is to keep it simple and only select the ideas that fit your space.

1. Unique Shower Doors

Get rid of the old shower curtains and make a statement with custom steel shower doors.

2. Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles have made a real comeback and they are an absolute must-have in interior design now. With patterned tiles you can create a design statement in your bathroom, just make sure not to over do it and use patterned tiles only in limited areas.

3. Wooden Floating Vanity

Add a touch of warmth to your bathroom with this wooden floating vanity.

4. Chic Marble Tiles

Adding texture and elegance by using marble tiles for the floor and walls.

5. Modern Rustic Look

Creating a beautiful contrast between the sleek large mirrors and the rustic look of the wooden vanity.

6. Full Wall Mirrors

Add a modern touch to your bathroom by installing full wall mirrors.

7. Brass and Black Fixtures

Mix metal finishes in the bathroom, a Magnificent Bathroomwarm yellow brass with black is one of the bravest metal combinations you can make.

8. Simple Color Palette

Keep things simple and try to stick with greys, whites and beiges to achieve maximum impact.

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9. Freestanding Tub

If you have a spacious bathroom then you should consider installing a freestanding tub. It will set the theme and focal point of the room.

10. Unique Sink Design

Make an impact with the design of your sink, be creative but keep it simple.

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