10 Smart Solutions Teen Bedrooms for Small Space

Have your children grown into teens and the room is small space?
If yes then think your issue solved as by following these smart and clever ideas, you are able to maximize the limited space in the very best possible way.

1. A Loft Bed That Combines Sleep, Study and Storage

Image via: pb teen

2. Put Study Desk Along The Bed So That It Doubles as a Bedside Table

Image via: 900house

3. A Hanging Bed with Sitting Space Underneath

Image via: alice brown wheeler

4. Very Small Room? Add Depth with a City Wall Mural

Image via: mommo design

5. Make Use of Space Around the Headboard

Image via: roomzaar

6. A Revolving Bookcase Loaded with Storage Space

Image via: pb teen

7. Hang Storage Baskets Above Headboard

Image via: pb teen

8. Create Storage on Walls with Shelving

Image via: pb teen

9. Go For Furniture with Storage

Image via: pbteen

10. A Clever Murphy Bed with Desk

Image via: resource furniture

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